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"Matoran Makuta" FULL FIGURE Pre-Order

Image of "Matoran Makuta" FULL FIGURE Pre-Order
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Makuta, the sworn enemy of Mata Nui, encounters the heroic Toa in the form an infected Matoran. "I am that which you had sworn to protect. You cannot destroy me, for I am nothing."

This is a pre-order for a custom painted Matoran Makuta Lego Bionicle action figure. Once all orders are placed, these figures will ship on July 1st, 2018. (Only available to order until June 18, 2018.)

Each figure stands approximately 2.5" tall, and is hand painted in remarkable detail**!

**NOTE: Colors and painting on each figure will vary slightly**

Once again, this is a PRE-ORDER. All orders must be placed BEFORE June 18, 2018.
The figures will ship on July 1st, 2018.